Elvis Presley owned and used guitar case for his Giannini acoustic guitar. This rare piece of history was Elvis Personal black leather guitar case. It's lined in gold fur and gold hardware. The outline of Elvis' guitar can still be seen inside his case. It also has an original airline tag from "United Airlines". This case was heavily used by Elvis for many years. ​Great display piece with a great history. From Jimmy Velvets collection. Its featured in the famous 1995 Butterfield auction catalog. (see photos below). Price $4000.

​      Elvis Presley owned Crown given to the King on his birthday during his concert. Very rare item shown in a photograph with Elvis on stage. Has been authenticated by Graceland, "Elvis Presley Enterprises".

Price $6000.

Elvis Presley owned guitar tuning pegs. This is part of Elvis six string guitar. Very rare item photographed with Elvis. From the collection of Jimmy Velvet and the Elvis Museum.  

Elvis' owned hurricane candle. This is one of four candles that Elvis and Priscilla had on their pool deck of their Hillcrest home. They were sold at auction in 1980 directly from Elvis' home. This turned out to be the first Elvis auction known as the "Playdium auction" conducted by Don Smith. Price $500. 

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Elvis Presley's first 1956 publicity photo given to a young 13 year old fan, Judy, at "Bell Auditorium" in Augusta, GA.  A young Elvis sat down at a small table and personally handed his first publicity photos to his adoring fans. Judy was one of these fans that waited with her sister for her chance to speak to Elvis in person and have him hand him this rare 8 x 10 photo.  The signature is signed in blue ink by an autopen. Elvis seemed to like this photo, I've found several photos of the same photo hanging inside his home. Comes with a signed letter from Judy and photos. Price $1500. 

Elvis' secret weapon to keeping his voice strong. "Mountain Valley Mineral Water". Elvis preformed as many as three times a day and always battled problems with his vocal chords, especially when in the dry climate of Vegas or California. One of Elvis' secrets was to drink plenty of this Mineral Water before and after concerts. It was so important to Elvis that he paid $78 to have a case sent by air mail. This is one bottle of six that where in that case. Comes with a copy of the original invoice to Elvis from Mountain Valley water. This case was sold by Graceland has a letter of authenticity from the estate. Price $900 each.