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 I buy, sell and trade, real artifacts owned by Elvis Presley and other icons of show business. I buy items from John Wayne to Prince.   Wanted : stage rings, jumpsuits, cars and unseen 8mm film footage. 

       One reel of concert or candid footage could be worth thousands of dollars. If you have a friend or family that has a item that I purchase, I pay finder fees. 

        I also offer a free service. If you see a Elvis item else where and want to know if it's real, please contact me. I'm glad to help determine if it's authentic or not. Remember about  75% of items you see on the internet are not real, check before you buy! 

I also can tell you what your item is worth. Values change Dailey so if you want to know what a realistic price on memorabilia, I'll be glad to give you my opinion free of charge. Conctact me via phone or Email, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.