In 1975 Elvis broke his crown on his molar, and he and his longtime girlfriend Linda Thompson,"Miss Tennessee" headed to his dentist for emergency repair. Elvis was unable to save his crown and Linda saved the crown. This crown became world famous after Jesse Briggs purchased the tooth from Jimmy Velvet. The tooth was put on Ebay by Jesse and it soon reached over $100,000 before Ebay removed it for violating their policy of selling human teeth. The story was published in hundreds of papers world wide. Fantastic documentation, Priced at $20,000.  

Box top address to Elvis Presley from the Stutz motor car company. This extremely rare item was received by Elvis and contained the cruise control for his beloved black Stutz two month before his death. The last photo taken of Elvis was driven this very car. 

Elvis owned book, "Fame". Elvis always wanted to be a serious actor. This is his personal copy of the industry insider book, "Fame". I believe the reason he kept this book for so many years is because it features an article that shows him as one of the top 10 earning actors in America. Something that I'm very sure he was very proud of. Item comes with a great hand written letter from his first cousin, Patsy Presley on Elvis personaly owned stationary. Price $1500. 

Jimmy Velvet and Elvis Presley

© Daniel Johnson

Elvis Presley's famous diamond horseshoe ring given to his good friend Jimmy Velvet personally in 1961. This ring was featured on the famous Butterfield Auction in 1996.  Price $25,000. 

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