Elvis Presley owned "Tiger Eye" necklace. This very unique sterling silver necklace was purchased in the early 1990's from the "Walt Disney Company" and comes with a letter from the same.  Elvis' karate nick name was "Tiger" or Tiger Man".   He often wore Tiger Eye stones in his personal jewelry. The necklace has great patina. Elvis most likely wore this necklace in the mid 1970's.   Price $5000.

     Elvis Presley's famous diamond horseshoe ring. This 14k ring features 14 diamonds that make up the horseshoe.  Elvis gave this iconic ring to his good friend Jimmy Velvet in 1961. This ring was featured on the famous Butterfield Auction in 1996.  Price $20,000. 

Stunning large diamond horseshoe men's ring. This incredible ring was purchased by famed collector Jim Crowell in 1975 directly from Elvis' Uncle Vester. This is one of the best documented rings I've seen on the market.Sold

     Elvis owned and worn large diamond stage ring. This diamond cluster ring with 7 brilliant cut diamonds set in 14k gold. Elvis' ring features 7 diamonds and measures approximately 5.1mm each with a total weight of 3.5ct. Elvis gave this ring to Robert Howell McCollum. This incredible ring was stage worn by Elvis and is featured in many photos of the King on and off stage. Price $30k. 

Elvis Presley's pyramid concert ring. Elvis gave this massive ring to his personal physician, (George C. Nichopoulos M.D.) This ring was made by Elvis' jeweler Lowell Hays in Memphis. With the exception of the T.C.B ring this may be the most exquisite ring Elvis owned. This ring was sold to its present owner over twenty years ago directly by Dr. Nick. This stunning ring comes a letter from both Dr. Nick and Lowell Hays. The signatures on the photos have been blocked out to prevent coping. Call for pricing. 

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