14K Gold Peacock pendant with blue and red semi precious stones. Elvis gave this pendant to his Doctor Elian Ghanem. Come with letter of providence from Dr, Ghanem's wife. Call for price. 

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Elvis Presley gold and onyx ring. This ring was given to Dr, Ghanem in the mid 1970's. Come with a letter of providence from the Doctor's wife.  Price $15,000.  

Elvis Presley owned and worn ring collection. All rings are for sale or trade. 

Elvis' Pyramid ring. This is probably the most expensive ring Elvis owned other that the TCB ring. Price $70,000. Comes with letter from Elvis' Jeweler. 

Stunning "E" diamond pendant with black onyx backing. Elvis was given historic necklace by the International hotel in 1969. This necklace was given by Elvis to Dr. Ghanem in the mid 1970's. Come with a letter of providence from Dr. Ghanem's wife. Call for price. 

Elvis' gold money clip. Call for price. 

Elvis Jewish Chai was worn by Elvis both on and off stage. This necklace was on display in the Elvis museum for many years. Call for price.