Both drivers and passengers door handles of Elvis' 75 Cadilac. Price $600 each. 

Large plastic chrome trim from right headlight of Elvis' Caddilac. $500

 Incredible piece of Elvis Presley history. This is the original signed title from Elvis' 1969 silver Mercedes six door limousine. Elvis, in a fit of rage, gave one of the most expensive cars that he owned to his good friend Jimmy Velvet when the car failed to start in the driveway of Graceland. Elvis signed this limo title over to Jimmy in the driveway of Graceland. $19,000

Gold Cadilac key from the Cadillac that Elvis gave to his personal physician Dr, Nichopoulos. Comes with original key chain and letter of authenticity from Dr. Nick's daughter. Price $1800. 

Elvis Presley's last guitar pick. After Elvis' last concert on June 26,1977 in Market Square Area, Indianapolis. Jackie Brocko, a young British fan, struck up a conversation with Joe Guercio (Elvis' band leader) after the concert. During that conversation, Jackie asked Joe for Elvis' guitar pick.  The pick was the one Elvis was just using moments before. Joe gladly gave Jackie Elvis' guitar pick. Unknown to either Joe or Jackie, it turned out to be the last pick Elvis' would use. This pick has great documentation including a candid photo of Jackie and Joe after the concert and her original concert ticket from that historic concert. Price $5000. 

Elvis Presley's house keys with L.A.P.D. key chain. These key were sold by Graceland in the Guernsey's auction. 5k. 

On Oct 6, 1976 Elvis Presley entered Hillcrest Motor works and personally picked out this sea green Seville. I purchased  and restored this fantastic car. Elvis paid over $18,000 and put it on his credit card. I have several items removed during restoration.

Cadilac emblem from vinyl roof. Price $300.

Original Seville emblems from fenders $400 each. 

Original upolstery from seats $50 for 6" square.

Original hubcaps $500 each. 

Large piece of chrome metal from around the right head light of the Elvis' Caddy. $500

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Elvis Presley badge from Madison Square gardens, 1972 customized with EAP. It's etched on the back, "Presented to Elvis Presley from William Kirwin, June, 1972. 10k

Elvis and Priscilla's wedding glass. This very rare glass comes from Elvis' first cousin, Pasty Presley. Comes with a great hand written letter from the early 1984. Price $2500

Elvis' flying angle. This is the original flying angel that Elvis had installed on the gold 1975 Cadilac.  I purchased and restored this great car four years ago. This is the original angel I replaced during restoration. Large heavy angel with light corrosion between the wings. Price $2500. "This car was featured on "Shipping Wars".