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Elvis Presley's silver ANKH  necklace.  This incredible rare artifact was found in Elvis' bedroom while filming "This is Elvis". This rare necklace is featured in photos with Elvis wearing it. It also in engraved with Elvis "TCB" and "EP". This necklace was given to Don Hulett during the making of the film by Elvis' aunt Delta Biggs.  Elvis wore this necklace in the mid 1970's and kept in his room until his passing. Includes letters of authenticity from Joe Esposito and Don Hulett.  Price $30,000. 

Elvis Presley's Personal Dallas Police Badge. This spectacular gold badge was one of Elvis' favorite possessions. Elvis' personal affects including his wallet and check book and his prized law enforcement badges where on his nighstand next to his bed at the time of his death. Vernon asked Elvis' cousin Patsy Presley to remove any valuables that were not in drawers in Elvis' bedroom for safe keeping. Patsy placed Elvis' personal items in a cardboard box. Vernon gifted Patsy the items as a remembrance of Elvis.  In 1982, Patsy sold these items to my good friend Tom Salva. This rare badge is a incredible part of Elvis collection and is a supervisors badge presented to Elvis by the chief of police. Its personalized with his full name. Complete of a copy of the original letter from Patsy. Price $15,000.