Elvis Presley owned psychedelic painting by Dimitiel. Elvis purchased this painting in the mid 1960's. Sold

        Elvis owned painting "Three Girls". This Monochrome painting by Maurice Riano was proudly hung over Elvis' fireplace as of 1968. This painting is Monochrome and retains its original frame it size is 36" by 24".


Elvis Presley owned antique angels on a granite base. Three incredible bronze angles were displayed in Elvis' living room.


     ​Elvis Presley owned antique elephant bookend with photo of it on his bookshelf. This large bookend was part of Elvis personal library collection. It is very heavy, approximately 15lbs.


Elvis antique spear tip. This very old spear was owned by Elvis and displayed on his bookshelf in his living room. The photo above is an actual photo of the spear on the bookshelf. 


Elvis antique monkey jar made out of lead and is very ornate. This very cool jar was kept on Elvis' piano. 


      Elvis abstract meditation rock that he kept on his coffee table. This huge piece of art is nearly two feet high. One of Elvis favorite pieces. Very rare photographed in Elvis' living room. Sold.

      Elvis' favorite painting, "Sunflowers"  hung in the middle of Elvis' living room. Elvis purchased this painting from a gallery in 1968. It was painted by renowned artist David Adicks. This painting is nearly four feet high and still has its original majestic gold wood frame that Elvis selected. This is the only Elvis owned work of art that has multiple photos of Elvis, Priscilla and Lisa together with the painting. Elvis was very private at home and only a few photos were ever taken inside of his home.  Price $25,000.


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