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Super Anahist throat spray.
It was used by Elvis Presley on February 19th, 1977.
It was retrieved from the trash from Elvis Presley's Jet " Lisa Marie"
I obtained this from Patti Elrod, a member of an Atlanta Elvis Fan Club in 1987.
She was at the Charlotte Douglas Airport on the night of February 19th 1977 when Elvis arrived from
his concert in Johnson City, TN.
Elvis' plane landed around 11:45 pm.
Elvis and his entourage disembarked from the jet and left for the Sheraton in Charlotte, NC.
A few minutes later, a flight attendant walked down the stairs of Elvis' jet ( the Lisa Mare ) 
with a small bag of trash which she threw away in a trash can beside an airplane hanger that was close by.
The Atlanta Fan club member (Patti Elrod) saw the attendant throw it away, and she immediately went and retrieved the bag from the trash can.
One of the items in the bag was Elvis Presley's used Super Anahist bottle.

  Price $800