John Wayne movie worn dark blue suit from the 1968 movie, "Hell Fighters". I purchased these rare shoes and slippers from Ethan Wayne in 2011, at the "Heritage" auction. Great condition and worn in fight scene. Crafted by Pettino in Las Angles.

Price $15,000

John Wayne's Masonic fez's directly from the Dukes son Ethan Wayne. I own all three the Dukes fez's. Each has its original case and a letter of Providence from Ethan. Price $10,00 to $4000.  

John Wayne

Owned Items

for Sale. 

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John Wayne owned and worn personal Cuban shirts. Came directly from the Dukes estate.

Price $1500 Each. 

John Wayne's cowboy hat from his 1942 movie, "The Spoilers". This incredible hat is in great condition for its age. Crafted by Western costume company on the movie set.

Price $15,000

John Wayne's calling cards. These where found by myself in the breast pocket of the Dukes hell fighters  suit jacket. While unpacking the Duke's jacket, I felt something that felt like a cigarette lighter. I removed the object to discover, John Wayne's calling cards. There where about 25 of these cards still wrapped with two rubber bands. The Duke would keep these in his pocket and pass them out to fans that asked for his autograph. These little cards had been tucked away in the Dukes pocket since 1968.

Price $400 each. 

John Wayne owned and worn personal shoes. I have 10 pairs of the Dukes shoes. Documentation from Ethan Wayne.

Price $500 to $1500.