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Ronald Reagan owned Stetson hat by Bailey hat company.  In 1981 Dr. Ruge saved President Reagan's life after the President was shoot by John Hinkley. As a token of appreciation President Reagan gave Dr. Ruge his personal  cowboy hat.  Dr. Ruge's life was then saved a few years later by Dr. Bertram Pear who detected a block aorta that other Doctors had missed.  In gratitude Dr. Ruge gave Presidents Reagan's hat to Dr. Bertram. Letter of providence is included from the wife of Dr. Bertram. Price $6000. 

Ronald Reagan signed cast and signed photo of himself signing this cast. Comes with a letter from Dr. Yee, Reagan's Doctor.   Price $6500. 

Nancy Reagan's Beaded jacket. This incredible jacket is one of the most iconic outfits worn by Nancy Reagan. Its was worn during the first inauguration ball and after Reagan left the White House.

Price $10,000. 

White House phone used in the Reagan White House. Price $1500. 

Ronald Reagan's black cowboy hat from December, 2, 1983. President Reagan wore this hat in a parade during a presidential visit to Brazil.  A newspaper article with a photo of Ronald Reagan holding the hat above his head included. Price $5000. 

​Ronald Reagan's Desk name tags used while he was Governor of California. This name tags was used in a conference in Houston, Texas in 1972. Price $2500. 

President Reagan's official signing pen framed with letter from his Chief of Staff. Price $3000. 


Ronald Reagan

Owned Items. 

Ronald Reagan Flag and presentation box given by President Reagan to the "Iranian Hostages".  Price $2500.