This Diamond TCB was Elvis Presley's personal necklace designed solely for him. Elvis and Priscilla personally designed the iconic TCB symbol while on a aircraft flight. As soon as Elvis returned to his California home he rushed the little scrap of paper to his jeweler.  Jewelry designers Lee Ableser and Sol Schwartz went to work bringing Elvis' design to life. This TCB was one of the first, if not the first, crafted in Beverly Hills, California by Sol Schwartz and Lee Ableser for Elvis. To make Elvis' necklace fit for the King it was inset with flawless diamonds and a longer chain. Elvis demanded his TCB chains longer in order to hang below his religious necklaces. Once Elvis' father recieved the bill for the handmade necklace he nearly had a heart attack and ordered all future TCB necklaces made by Elvis' jeweler in Memphis, Lowell Hayes at a much lower price.

     Elvis took this necklace off his neck and placed it around his producer's neck, Feltons Jarvis, while he was fighting for his life in a hospital. Elvis was devastated that his music producer was losing his battle for life. Elvis came to the rescue and used all of his resources to save Felton's life. Elvis found the medical team and paid for the then rare kidney transplant. Felton recovered and went on to continue to do what he loved most, working for his friend. This is a rare opportunity to own a special TCB that symbolized Elvis' love, loyalty and generosity like no other. The TCB has been owned by Felton's family since Elvis death.  Price $95,000. 

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Elvis' personal TCB.


"Diamond TCB given by Elvis to the man that made the music"