Wanted 8mm candid film footage of Elvis Presley. Your 3" reel could be worth $3000 to $10,000. Call me at 813-240-6590.

​​​​​      I buy, sell and trade, real artifacts owned by Elvis Presley.   Wanted : stage rings, jumpsuits, cars and unseen 8mm film footage. 

    One reel of concert or candid footage could be worth thousands of dollars. If you have a friend or family that has a item that I purchase, I pay finder fees.

    I also offer a free service. If you see a Elvis item for sale and want to know if it's real, please contact me. I'm glad to help determine if it's authentic or not. 



Elvis Presley's Owned jewelry 

Elvis Presley used 1967 Cadillac Limo. 

Elvis Presley's box top from the Stutz car company. 

Elvis Presley's world famous Tooth. 

Elvis' owned items. 

Elvis items for sale or trade. 

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Elvis Owned Mobile Home.

Elvis' personal art and furniture collection.